“…For SPACE Winter / Hörbelt decided to introduce an element in the exhibition that could counterbalance the desolate atmosphere of the factory spaces and that at the same time would influence the perception of those spaces in a combination of physical exertion, light and play. At a number of locations they placed different swings, with seats made out of raster steel, which was then covered with resin.The swings are serially interconnected in such a way, that when one is used, the most adjacent one will light up, and so forth. The swings are all made fit to accommodate two persons at the same time. However, moving the swings requires a considerable amount of effort as a result of their material and weight. The swinging visitor experiences a delayed speed and cleaves the space as if in slow motion. The undulating forms of the Kastenhäuser and Baskets here are continued in an undulated, playful cleaving of space. The physical space remains intact, it is the hollow space that is pierced. Matta-Clark winter/hörbeltized” Chris Driessen for : Space: Now and Then, AaBeFabriken, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2005


Winter/Hoerbelt Swingerclubs at: LeLieuUnique, Nantes France / MUK Lübeck, Germany / Yokohama Swingerclub, Yokohama Triennial, Japan