LINDENBAUM_FRAMED, Oberursel, Germany

LINDENBAUM_FRAMED, transformation of a Winter Linden-ruin into a 3 dimensional Still Life

material: steel cube, ruin of a Winter Linden, restored bench and table

measure: 800x800x800cm (bars 20x20cm),

location:  Oberursel, Germany  (Freiligrathstra├če direction Oberstedten, cross the pedestal bridge over the Autobahn) 


On the outskirts of Oberursel, in the midst of intensive industrial agriculture, stands the ruin of a 400-year-old winter linden tree, which was destroyed by environmental influences. As an art project, this tree rudiment was framed by us with a cube of 800cm edge length. If you like: To look at as a still life, or as a memento mori. The so-called deadwood hosts innumerable micro-organisms and is therefore to be seen as a kind of reservoir and memory of nature, sculpturally staged and protected by the white cube.