St Eanswythe´s Return

installation for Folkestone Triennial 2021, public space of Folkestone, U.K.

material: withered street tree, waterproof plaster, metal, fountain system, sheet piles

During the Folkestone Triennial in 2021, curated by Lewis Biggs under the theme The Plot, Winter/Hoerbelt took the inhospitable green stripe in the middle of the Shellons Street junction in Folkestone into their artistic focus. They intended to produce a dramatic sculptural intervention to highlight the location, which had degenerated into a non-place following a traffic design intervention during the 1960s. The project, titled St Eanswythe‘s Return, recognizes Princess Eanswythe, said to have been able to make water flow upwards to provide fresh water to the monastery she established. The result was an open canal, which supplied the monastery and also the town with fresh water from the surrounding hills.