VERTIEFT-ERHABEN, Frankfurt, Germany

Basso Rilievo originated from the removal of a plaster layer over a solid concrete wall

measure: 2400x400cm, relief depth approx. 10m

location: Staircase of Zentrales Werkstatt- und Verwaltungsgebäude der Stadt Frankfurt, Adam-Riese-Straße 25 60327 Frankfurt am Main


The plastered concrete wall in the new administration building of the city of Frankfurt invited us to apply our knowledge of stonemason again after a long time and so we designed aBasso Rilievo for subjects from the Frankfurt urban area – nothing special, not the tourist spots, but the very ordinary, lapidary life should be perpetuated in the wall. We limited the method of implementation to partially chiselling the new plaster away from the wall, so that the gray concrete could reappear and the image could be seen through the contrast of white wall and gray concrete.